Cheating the claw machine

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17 Apr 2018 00:51 - +15854
Iā€™m against stealing but fuck those god awful machines.
17 Apr 2018 00:38 - +5384
Then they take them to their claw machine to use as inventory
17 Apr 2018 00:09 - +5092
I'd never thought I'd ever say I would punch that fucker in the nose for blowing smoke at me. Edit: Oh great. My highest rated comment is about punching someone in the beak. šŸ‘ŠšŸ˜¬
17 Apr 2018 02:56 - +4365
Those claw machines cheat people.... Some of the ones I've played, even if you DO successfully grab something....pop open as soon as they sense they are carrying something. Hers appears to be doing the same thing. SO...fuck them.
17 Apr 2018 00:15 - +2203
Now dat's a powerful magnet!
17 Apr 2018 01:35 - +1810
I mean, it's a neat trick but why does she need so many stuffed animals? Do they owe money to a six year old? Edit: Yes, it's fake/scripted. Embrace some kayfabe in your life.
17 Apr 2018 00:56 - +1795
17 Apr 2018 03:34 - +216
I thought the woman behind her was waiting to stock the machine. Quite the surprise to find out it was the girl's lol
17 Apr 2018 01:45 - +136
Casual indoor smoking and blowing it in your face. Thanks Asia!
17 Apr 2018 02:20 - +71
That's definitely gonna be some negative social points. She's not gonna be able to ride the train soon.
17 Apr 2018 00:54 - +56
But how bout the ones in the back?
17 Apr 2018 00:11 - +44
But why?
17 Apr 2018 03:49 - +38
What I learned. Japanese claw games >>>>>> American claw games. Have I ever won anything from a US based claw game....nope, never. They are totally stuffed with things the claw can't even pick up. I spent a few weeks in Japan and won all sorts of crap, including a 12" vinyl gundam model that would have cost me $40 otherwise. Not only do the japanese claw games have a better claws in them, they also have better shit, and sometimes that shit is positioned where you don't even need to pick it up, just use the claw to tip it into the chute (yup, you read that right, a lot of the Japanese games don't actually require things being picked up because the chute is just a hole in the bottom of the machine) I had a ton of fun and won all sorts of relatively pointless but worthwhile things...I still have the Gundamn, it's badass, and I earned a surprised and jealous look from a Japanese man upon winning it, we couldn't communicate, but we exchanged a knowing glance of "fuck yeah".
17 Apr 2018 03:37 - +38
I guess a huge plastic bag filled with stuffed animals didn't raise any suspicion in this dude.
17 Apr 2018 03:39 - +32
Where can I buy a magnet like this. You know for research purposes...
17 Apr 2018 03:42 - +27
Blowing smoke right in her face, fuck that guy.
17 Apr 2018 03:11 - +25
They had a claw machine at the local bowling alley where I grew up (circa 1985). My brother and I figured out that, if you shuffle your feet and zap the coin return, it would give you a credit. I had 50 pairs of fuzzy šŸŽ² šŸŽ². Our friends caught on and there were kids everywhere, shuffling in circles to build up a charge. They never did figure out how we got so good at a rigged game because every time an employee walked by we would actually drop a quarter in, just like this gal.
17 Apr 2018 04:03 - +23
Her social credit rating is going to be very low.
17 Apr 2018 02:33 - +14
Why does the machine say "BEER" at the top?
17 Apr 2018 03:52 - +9
What the hell will she do with all that plush toy booty?
17 Apr 2018 03:51 - +7
They should be banned in the us or forced to acknowledge they are actually gambling machines where the machine is rigged against you.

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