The same sex marriage debate in a nutshell.

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17 Apr 2018 00:57 - +2531
I'm so sick of this whole gay double standard. When two gay men have sex, it's perfectly normal. Yet, when I fuck another man my wife thinks I'm some sort of homo.
17 Apr 2018 01:13 - +975
TIL: Gay people are non-profit organizations. Who knew?
17 Apr 2018 01:17 - +811
I don’t have a problem with gay marriage. I also don’t have a problem with churches not paying taxes.
17 Apr 2018 01:20 - +277
Seems like a zinger, but churches are not people.
17 Apr 2018 00:48 - +239
uhh.. I think the gay marriage debate in a nutshell is/was this: "I want to be able to marry my boyfriend/girlfriend, and have equal rights." "But muh sanctity"
17 Apr 2018 01:47 - +191
Not only this is an ancient repost, it makes no sense. No taxation without representation. Churches can't pay taxes unless you want the American equivalent of the House of Lords Spiritual in Congress. Also I have literally never, ever heard the "gay privilege" argument. Marriage shouldn't be the concern of the State anyway, the material world is perpetually corrupt. If you want legalistic civic unions, so be it.
17 Apr 2018 00:33 - +133
I'm not gay, but if I was, I would want equal rights I'm not gay, but if I were, I would marry who I like It's not fair - I'm not gay - that the government has a say In who can love who (not gay) Or to which god you can pray (I'm n'gay)
17 Apr 2018 01:25 - +126
Has anyone in history ever referred to same sex marriage as gay privilege?
17 Apr 2018 01:44 - +98
Change 'churches' to 'mosques' and the same people upvoting this would call it Islamaphobic and bigoted!
17 Apr 2018 01:30 - +87
You forgot about temples and mosques. You know, the ones that still hold marraige sacredly. I'm tired of the virtue signaling against solely Christians.
17 Apr 2018 00:47 - +64
Churches should pay taxes, and what they donate too charity and humanities can be written off. Having stocks in coca-cola isn't acceptable (looking at you mormon fucktards).
17 Apr 2018 00:38 - +48
Because it's a non profit. Not because it's a church.
17 Apr 2018 00:42 - +40
This sign is from Australia where they just voted overwhelmingly to legalize same-sex marriage last December.
17 Apr 2018 01:55 - +33
People also take the "churches don't pay taxes" thing too far as well because they think none of the money that comes into a church is taxed.
17 Apr 2018 01:52 - +27
Ummm ... a debate has more than one position. This is a rant, not a debate.
17 Apr 2018 01:41 - +23
Yes because churches are people. This is dumb. Christians who attend churches pay taxes.
17 Apr 2018 00:20 - +21
Isn't gay marriage legal now? I don't pay attention to this kind of shit cause i don't really care, but i thought it was legal in almost every state.....
17 Apr 2018 01:58 - +19
I support gay marriage. But at the same time, who says it's a privilege? I'm also not religious, but why do we act like we all started by taxing motherfucking everything and churches/mosques/temples have carved themselves out some kind of exemption? Wrong. These practices predated taxes. Fuck taxes.
17 Apr 2018 01:37 - +15
The government shouldn't have any say in anyone's marriage. Why is it like that for anyone?
17 Apr 2018 01:33 - +12
Except that marriage was created by organized religion as an avenue for making faithful couples and solid families for children to be made. The debate is whether or not to force churches to marry gay people. Which is not what churches want because it's not what mairrage was made to be.
17 Apr 2018 01:43 - +8
or getting extra points on your SAT scores because of race.
17 Apr 2018 01:28 - +4
Here we go again, Reddit
17 Apr 2018 01:50 - +4
All non profits have tax exemptions, so it is not exactly special treatment.
17 Apr 2018 01:48 - +2
The purpose of legal marriage is for taxation. Otherwise get married by you friendly clergyman would be enough.
17 Apr 2018 02:35 - +1
wow a picture of a really old joke on a blackboard, just the content I came for here on /r/pics
17 Apr 2018 02:07 - +1
Or, like, non-profits paying taxes. Because churches are classified as non-profits. And fun story, you don’t have to be a humane homeless animal shelter to be a non-profit, so it’s not like churches are getting benefits. They’re just following the law
17 Apr 2018 02:36 - +1
Don’t forget the the NFL and most hospitals are also non profits. Hospitals are usually “charitable” orgs and get tax breaks.
17 Apr 2018 02:13 - +1
Now, I’m just an idiot on the internet, but I think the idea behind churches not paying taxes is supposed to be that they’re beneficial to the community- doing stuff like hosting AA, helping the community with occasionally helping those in need with food or even rent as I’ve seen in my short life. So that doesn’t quite match up to the gay marriage thing. Which, for what it’s worth, should be a thing, mostly cause I think the government should be as uninvolved in the marriage process as possible without welcoming potential tax fraud situations since married couples get certain tax benefits. Nice picture and all though, gets a good chuckle even if it seems a tad bit built on shaky ground.
17 Apr 2018 02:35 - +1
what is this 2012?
17 Apr 2018 02:21 - +1
1) There is a difference in the logic behind the tax benefits of marriage. And statistics around gay and straight couple's do clearly show differences. If you want to promote it based on the benefits to society in general that argument can be had. Their ability to fund their children, etc. 2) I think having marriage as a government protected institution with special tax benefits is inherently unequal when it comes to rights. If you're coming at it from a "rights" and "equality" standpoint, then nobody should be able to get married (tax wise) an or everyone should be able to claim the same benefits regardless of if they ever have personal relationships or not. Some people do not intend to ever get married, why is their life choice or sexuality less valid than gay or straight couple's? Same for polygamists. Why do you deserve tax benefits because of who you do or don't sleep with? Therefore the only fair solution is NOBODY should get this treatment. If you want to get married through your church go ahead.. but legally everybody should be treated as an individual when it comes to tax treatment. Hell we'd be better off and not worry about any of this shit if we got rid of the income tax and went to only consumption / sales taxes and tariffs.
17 Apr 2018 02:21 - +1
Churches aren’t people though......
17 Apr 2018 02:22 - +1
I'm happy to go to a church that's cool with gays.
17 Apr 2018 02:29 - +1
I was with you until you brought up churches not paying taxes. What does hat have to do with anything lol. Churches are non-profits, of course the don't pay taxes.
17 Apr 2018 02:10 - +1
I'm a gay church
17 Apr 2018 02:41 - +1
Nobody is even debating this anymore, this is just Reddit virtue signalling about a dead topic.
17 Apr 2018 02:43 - +1
Churches don’t pay taxes because they are supported by post-tax contributions (tithe). Double taxation is unconstitutional. So, this argument doesn’t hold water. Get married, who should care. Just pay your taxes at least once.
17 Apr 2018 02:13 - +1
Damn that's an obtuse analogy for you. "Oh you're against gay marriage? Well not-for-profits shouldn't exist anyway."
17 Apr 2018 02:44 - +1
Marriage isn't a right though. If I require someone else to do a thing or participate in a thing then that thing is not a right. Which is why healthcare isn't a natural or negative right. Now you can claim that marriage and healthcare are positive rights meaning that they come from an outside entity, but I don't think that holds any water since a government's only duty is to protect the natural rights of its citizens.
17 Apr 2018 02:08 - +1
*sorts by controversial*
17 Apr 2018 02:04 - +1
Or you know, like a hate crime. I'm for gay marriage, i think what they do with consenting adults is fine. I don't agree with the hate crime thing. If anyone attacks anyone it should be considered a hate crime and treated equally, not different charges because of orientation or color.
17 Apr 2018 02:20 - +1
17 Apr 2018 02:07 - +1
Christians still pay taxes lol. If you want to found a religion then try and get your churches exempt from taxes then it would be comparable
17 Apr 2018 02:24 - +1
I don't recall anyone anywhere calling it gay privilege.
17 Apr 2018 02:03 - +1
Who in the world is saying gay marriage is gay privilege?
17 Apr 2018 02:37 - +1
Why is this even a debate.. who the fuck cares who marries who and who fucks who. Marriage isnt apart of natural life so it shouldnt determine anything between male and female.
17 Apr 2018 02:11 - +1
False equivalency, but it's unsurprising really.
17 Apr 2018 02:41 - +1
I thought marriage was a religious commitment
17 Apr 2018 02:41 - +1
Honestly I've never heard the term gay privelege
17 Apr 2018 02:44 - +1
Huh, it's almost as if all non-profits are tax exempt and this analogy makes less sense than a condom salesman on Lesbian Island.
17 Apr 2018 02:52 - +1
okay I'm for gay marriage but an awful straw man that shows you don't even understand your opponent's thought or argument followed a halfhearted whataboutism you are the asshole, guy who made the sign you think you're virtue signalling, but you are asshole signalling this is like walking up to a guy who wears different gang colors and pushing him, then insulting his mom it's over aggressive tribal posturing how about extend some of that empathy you claim to have for gay people to conservatives, and build a bridge instead of being a dick
17 Apr 2018 02:11 - +1
You mean they don’t pay taxes like every other registered non-profit?

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