Wait what!.... how did you do that?

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17 Apr 2018 00:35 - +6239
He held out his hat for people to throw him some money. Idk why but that made me sad
17 Apr 2018 02:10 - +2344
Haha the first dude checking in his shorts for the cigg got me
17 Apr 2018 00:54 - +1831
Black people’s awesome reactions to magic tricks make it so much more worth watching
17 Apr 2018 00:54 - +1615
Tonight on after the drugs... harry potter shares with us his struggles with meth and the dark road it led him down performing muggle street magic to secure his next score
17 Apr 2018 00:51 - +613
He was using a fake thumb which he could wear on his finger and it blends in very well
17 Apr 2018 02:18 - +174
He does that with such pleasantry I would give hime a 20$
17 Apr 2018 02:03 - +47
Why is the guy all twitchy
17 Apr 2018 01:30 - +45
I would like to get a beer with this guy.
17 Apr 2018 01:37 - +37
Y u no tip? He deserves something for this awesome sauce.
17 Apr 2018 02:32 - +36
We need a subreddit for black people reacting to magic
17 Apr 2018 01:13 - +35
I always love the reaction of black peoples to magic tricks.
17 Apr 2018 02:46 - +29
To be honest...this sub could be better fit if it's just videos and clips of black people reacting to magic....no one reacts more exaggerated to magic fukkery than black folks lol
17 Apr 2018 03:09 - +20
Pay him. Pay that man his money.
17 Apr 2018 04:53 - +18
Can’t believe nobody’s posted the video yet https://youtu.be/QqitTNF_I3g
17 Apr 2018 02:22 - +17
He also stole both their wallets.
17 Apr 2018 02:24 - +15
He can put that hat out all he wants. No one in that audience is going to tip him.
17 Apr 2018 02:50 - +5
Some say he's till looking for the cigarette to this day.
17 Apr 2018 05:27 - +5
I’ve done this trick a few times on people. Works really well outside bars. This guy performs it perfectly. The only issue is when someone presses you to bring the cig back, and you can’t.
17 Apr 2018 03:45 - +5
I feel like I'm looking at Jim Lahey's retirement plan.
17 Apr 2018 04:41 - +4
Is there a subreddit for showing magic tricks to black people?
17 Apr 2018 03:50 - +4
Somebody give him some fucking money😂😂😂🤣
17 Apr 2018 01:50 - +4
By reposting it.
17 Apr 2018 02:31 - +4
Miami Beach is a special place
17 Apr 2018 04:05 - +3
Lol black people and magic
17 Apr 2018 04:04 - +3
I saw this guy on Ocean Blvd in Miami and he did this trick on me. It was pretty amazing, still don’t have even the slightest idea how he pulled it off!
17 Apr 2018 04:42 - +3
Lol the way he was following him during the second trick had me laughing so hard. He watching him like a hawk
17 Apr 2018 03:37 - +2
I could go for a black and mild now
17 Apr 2018 04:18 - +2
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17 Apr 2018 04:36 - +2
So, did he get paid??
17 Apr 2018 03:46 - +2
And not a single one of them gave him a dollar...
17 Apr 2018 02:02 - +2
True Story
17 Apr 2018 04:20 - +2
This video just screams Broward county Florida
17 Apr 2018 02:54 - +2
I wanna buy that hat from him
17 Apr 2018 05:02 - +2
Is that down in South Beach? If so, i met that guy and he is fucking amazing. I gave him like $20 I was so fucking impressed. Dude was legit as fuck.
17 Apr 2018 00:30 - +1
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