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17 Apr 2018 02:52 - +2607
When I was starting as an electrician, I found a pair of these in my boss's garage and asked him what they hell the were for. He said "well when you've got a lot of wires to strip, you give these to your children so they have something to play with." In all seriousness, as someone whose stripped hundreds of thousands of wires, these really are not useful. At least for a tradesman. Maybe homeowners can somehow find use out of them.
17 Apr 2018 03:19 - +2202
Seems like a regular wire stripper. Can't figure out what the red tab does though.
17 Apr 2018 04:23 - +361
It's a wire stripper, noob.
17 Apr 2018 03:25 - +256
I’m a ground equipment mechanic in the Air Force. Our equipment is old and rusty and beat up, and we would get a few units a year where the control panel burns up because something grounded out. It was the most relaxing part of of my job. Just sit in my zone, and rewire everything by myself. Just me and the wires.
17 Apr 2018 04:40 - +151
My old man's a sparky, I've seen him strip wires with his teeth faster than this.
17 Apr 2018 06:02 - +125
For all those wondering why the electricians of reddit are calling these useless, for romex (building electrical wire) it isn't all that important to have uniform length of shielding which is one of the main selling points for this type of stripper. That type of wire is also solid core and heavy gauge AKA hard to accidentally cut while stripping, so in that context this is a 1000% over engineered product that they can 100% do without. That said if you are doing something that has a lot of thin gauge wires that need to be uniformly stripped and have connectors crimped on such as auto wiring, network cables, etc, these things are as awesome as they look.
17 Apr 2018 04:22 - +73
These are actually terrible overtime you have to push those top 2 grabbers down before they lock in
17 Apr 2018 03:07 - +49
17 Apr 2018 05:07 - +38
These wear out pretty quickly, and then the teeth no longer grab the insulation and strip it. Real electricians (I was one) just use regular strippers.
17 Apr 2018 05:44 - +33
This is interesting, but more interestingly for me it seems like what ever amount of speedup has been done on the video broke it and started to give me a headache. Not sure whether it's dropped frames or whatever but it fucken hurt my eyes for sure.
17 Apr 2018 05:07 - +19
Anyone saying they are pants has obviously never been on a job where you have to strip 100's of flexes
17 Apr 2018 03:03 - +13
I use these every day at work and I've never realised how satisfying they are to watch
17 Apr 2018 02:35 - +12
That is borderline porn
17 Apr 2018 02:35 - +10
Take my money
17 Apr 2018 07:38 - +5
its not a cutter, its a wire stripper and they're in every toolbox of electricians and desk of EEs and technicians
17 Apr 2018 07:14 - +5
If you are a lefty look elsewhere. source Me, I fucking hate this thing.
17 Apr 2018 05:31 - +5
I thought these were relatively standard? I did GCSE electronics and used these tons
17 Apr 2018 07:18 - +4
As an electrical technician/electrician/mechanical engineer... not once have I gotten those pieces of shit to work right.
17 Apr 2018 04:52 - +4
Wire Stripper*
17 Apr 2018 07:10 - +4
I work in wire processing. These things are cool at first, but after you have to do this hundreds of times, it sucks.
17 Apr 2018 07:50 - +3
This is just a wire stripper and cutter. There is nothing to see her as anything interesting.
17 Apr 2018 07:13 - +3
I have one of these.
17 Apr 2018 07:14 - +3
Strippers like these are cute, but I don't find them useful in the work world. Can't fit them in my back pocket easily, heavy. Everything I do is low voltage cabling. I am currently using a Wiha Stripper, but I see (and have used) Greenlee 1955-SS (or similar) strippers. I see that same exact style with a lot of different manufacturers name on them. The Greenlee strippers are stainless steel, so they stay sharper longer.
17 Apr 2018 06:13 - +3
I have a pair of these. The definitely arent the ultimate wire cutters and I say from experience. They do lack certain things I would like in the crimping department but I will say that they are still one of my favourite pair. I just hate having to have a set of crimps along with it for certain projects.
17 Apr 2018 07:15 - +3
And then you buy them, and quickly realize you're out 30 bucks
17 Apr 2018 07:33 - +3
I kept waiting for it to get interesting, it never happened.
17 Apr 2018 07:30 - +3
Can't figure out why this is so highly upvoted... This is a highly common tool. Edit: from my unused tool pile https://i.imgur.com/PL6CKUn.jpg
17 Apr 2018 07:01 - +3
Wire stripper not cutter Also this isn't a new thing, I've had one of these for years. Pretty darn handy
17 Apr 2018 07:30 - +3
Its so obnoxiously sped up that i cant tell what its doing
17 Apr 2018 06:02 - +3
If you are gonna strip one or two wires a month they will last a bit. If your gonna do a ton every day these wear out really fast. Nothing worse than the grips not gripping the wire and they just don't work. All tradesman that tried these usually go back to regular strippers.

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