Kendrick Lamar has won the Pulitzer Prize for music for "DAMN" the first non-classical or jazz artist to win the award.

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17 Apr 2018 04:10 - +5696
Stoked for Kendrick, that's some well deserved recognition. To be honest though, if any of his albums deserved a Pulitzer Prize, it was *To Pimp A Butterfly*
17 Apr 2018 04:56 - +5257
TIL you could get a Pulitzer for something other than journalism. Nice.
17 Apr 2018 04:02 - +3772
Pulitzer Prize winning Kung Fu Kenny.
17 Apr 2018 04:13 - +1393
First TPAB is archived at the Harvard Library, and now DAMN has won a Pulitzer... It’s hard to argue that he’s not the King right now after receiving honors like this.
17 Apr 2018 04:03 - +1060
That link has a video of D.N.A. that won't work for many people so [here it is] ( starring Don Cheadle!
17 Apr 2018 04:25 - +948
“First non-classical or jazz artist to win the award”, damn. Edit: DAMN.
17 Apr 2018 06:16 - +782
started from syrup sandwiches now we here.
17 Apr 2018 04:42 - +569
Kendrick keeps winning despite nobody praying for him.
17 Apr 2018 03:18 - +394
AP Tweet that I copied word for word for the title: Post link goes to Pulitzer's website: > "Recording released on April 14, 2017, a virtuosic song collection unified by its vernacular authenticity and rhythmic dynamism that offers affecting vignettes capturing the complexity of modern African-American life."
17 Apr 2018 04:13 - +293
I still haven't figured out what the deal is with Kendrick Lamar. I love new music but from the live performances I've seen him give on TV, he's either absolutely terrible or the sound guy should be fired. This is r/music which from my past experience will downvote *any* comment that's not just gushing about Kendrick Lamar, so you do what you're going to do, but I'll preface the forthcoming by saying that suggesting some songs to listen to would be a constructive response here.
17 Apr 2018 06:32 - +241
Melonhead on suicide watch
17 Apr 2018 04:34 - +221
My left stroke just went viral.
17 Apr 2018 05:58 - +197
Kendrick out here winning Pulitzers, Drake just announced his next album, and J. Cole is doing a free show(probably a listening session for his next album) in NYC tonight. Great day in hip-hop
17 Apr 2018 06:02 - +126
A bit odd they'd give it to him for this and not for TPABF. I thought DAMN was just good, not really great.
17 Apr 2018 06:34 - +116
This sub will down vote me for stating my opinion he shouldn't win this award for music. He strongest points are lyricism and story telling, so if anything give him an award for literature like Bob Dylan with the Nobel prize, but musically this album is so far removed from what the they previously established as Pulitzer worthy. There is a reason only jazz and classical music won this prior, because those genre's put such a focus on intricate compositions, technical skill, and require an impressive understanding of advanced musical concepts. Even compared to his last two albums, DAMN stays very close to accessible radio pop.
17 Apr 2018 06:50 - +87
This is a definite fuck you to the Grammys
17 Apr 2018 06:00 - +77
It’s not even his best album..
17 Apr 2018 06:51 - +60
This strikes me as a cumulative award for all his work. Otherwise I don't see why DAMN would get it over TPAB and GKMC. It's a pretty great album, but most would say it's not even the best hiphop album of last year. If you see it as a cumulative award for the quality and impact of his music as whole then it makes more sense.
17 Apr 2018 06:32 - +30
Damn. I been stuck on old rap, because so much of the new stuff coming out is mindless garbage. I'd heard this dude's name, but neglected to give him the time of day until now. This shit is straight impressive. Damn.
17 Apr 2018 07:28 - +17
Man, Damn is okay, but GKMC is Dylan levels of quality.
17 Apr 2018 05:34 - +15
Has a non-classical or jazz album ever even been a *finalist*?
17 Apr 2018 07:25 - +14
and they gave the grammy to 24k magic
17 Apr 2018 07:37 - +6
It’s weird how he talked about culture in America on TPAB yet he calls it whack on this record and this wins a fucking Pulitzer. I love this record and his other ones before it but TPAB was better imo

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