17 Apr 2018 05:23 - +8815
Ahhh the $500 lane.
17 Apr 2018 04:54 - +3064
What infuriates me more is when asshole drivers pull this move and someone at the very front always lets them cut back in with no hassle.
17 Apr 2018 05:03 - +2424
This is I-285E just before 400. Those in Atlanta will know my pain.
17 Apr 2018 07:05 - +1589
Man I saw something like this happen about 4 years ago there was a wreak that closed down the inside lane. Several rocket scientist did what that guy did and blew past in the emergency lane. Well all of a sudden the line of a-holes stopped as well. Wonder what that is about. I get up to the accident, the tow truck was there also the line of a-holes, well the reason they stopped a cop blocked the emergency lane and was going down the line writing tickets. The cop was on car number 7 when I got up there, they couldn’t move because the cop had blocked the road and no one was letting them over, so they just had to sit there even after they got their ticket.
17 Apr 2018 07:21 - +846
Yeah, fuck all these wizards who think traffic's for everyone else. You're not a genius, you're a cunt. I hope your ticket cost you a fortune.
17 Apr 2018 05:13 - +282
I like how the police car replies back to him.
17 Apr 2018 07:09 - +255
This person is so stupid they then don't even pull up enough so the cop can pull into the lane and not block traffic. What's their thinking? If I just stop and don't move any further maybe he won't know what I was doing?
17 Apr 2018 05:05 - +235
It's a bit of delayed gratification but I always enjoy seeing one of these assholes stopped further down the road with a flat tire. WTF did they think was going to happen driving on the shoulder where all those bits of metal, nails, glass etc end up getting thrown?
17 Apr 2018 06:12 - +229
I know this exit very well. I've seen many a person get pulled over for that exact thing.
17 Apr 2018 07:39 - +222
Sheriff’s Deputy here, I love pulling people over for this and you better believe I ticket for it every time :)
17 Apr 2018 06:22 - +135
17 Apr 2018 05:36 - +113
This is my dream. Way too many times people think they are so damn important they can't wait in traffic like everyone else has to. Infuriates me to no end. I've pulled halfway on to the shoulder and blocked them before. They get thoroughly angry. I love it.
17 Apr 2018 07:41 - +88
That remembers the one I captured on my dash cam
17 Apr 2018 08:16 - +61
Is having your phone in hand not illegal in certain states??
17 Apr 2018 07:31 - +37
Something similar happened to me when I was driving through Tennessee. Highway was filled with traffic and assholes like this were trying to use the shoulder to get to the exit faster. This exit though had many cars lined up on the shoulder trying to sneak ahead for this exit, which was really confusing, why are they all standing still and not getting into the exit? After like 10 minutes of moving forward inch by inch, we see that a cop car is on the shoulder blocking any other car from using the shoulder to take the exit. No one in the right lane let the shoulder cars in and the cop had at least 8 cars lined up behind him ready to be ticketed.
17 Apr 2018 05:15 - +33
This made me so happy
17 Apr 2018 07:20 - +32
The part that pissed me off the most about this is when people let the guy merge back in.
17 Apr 2018 07:32 - +30
I remember a situation a long time ago where I was in stop and go traffic and there was a line of cars on the shoulder. I was a teenager and new driver, so I thought I should get in the line of cars to get off at the next exit which was my goal and I didn't want to be an asshole and cut into the line of cars to get off. While I was making up my mind, I saw that the reason the line had formed was because a cop was stopped at the front of it and was working his way down the line writing tickets. Really glad I didn't do it, especially because my motivation wasn't to skip traffic, I just wanted to wait my turn to get off the freeway.
17 Apr 2018 07:10 - +18
Had a guy do this around me in traffic a few years back. He couldn't see past my Stock trailer and tried to pull around, ended up diving back in just in front of a Highway patrol motorcycle.
17 Apr 2018 06:26 - +17
Love that I-285 🙃
17 Apr 2018 07:15 - +13
Sandy Springs, Ga. 285
17 Apr 2018 07:38 - +13
I saw this happen today in almost the exact same spot. Good old 285.
17 Apr 2018 08:20 - +12
It's honestly not fair how this part of the highway is designed. This is eastbound on I-285 right before the interchange to get on GA-400 north in Atlanta, the second busiest and worst designed highway interchange in the metro area. There is an offramp to regular street a quarter of a mile in front of the camera. To get to that road legally you have to wait in the line of cars getting on 400 north, a line that can stretch a mile or more on a normal weekday.
17 Apr 2018 06:47 - +12
I hate 285! The 400-N exit there is ridiculously dangerous!
17 Apr 2018 06:31 - +12
They do that on 400 all the damn time. It’s maddening
17 Apr 2018 08:51 - +11
Fuck this road man. I lived this interchange for 4 years of my life, it's pure cancer. In normal circumstances you would cheer and think yeah fuck that dude trying to drive the shoulder. But I doubt this guy was, he was probably just trying to take exit 26 (less than half a mile) which isn't backed up at all, instead of waiting ~10 minutes for the road to clear up from the people trying to take exit 27. If you're willing to be an asshole on this interchange, you just ride the left lane and then merge last minute, not the shoulder.
17 Apr 2018 08:23 - +10
Lucky he didn't catch you on your phone
17 Apr 2018 07:22 - +7
I like how he tries to brake like the cop will just ignore him if he stops. Beautiful.
17 Apr 2018 07:30 - +7
See this a lot traffic , cars go in breakdown lane . 2 min later They are stopped buy state police . Ma
17 Apr 2018 08:57 - +6
Yay, shout out to WABE
17 Apr 2018 07:52 - +5
Hah. Saw the cop car... saw the exit info sign... yep Atlanta.
17 Apr 2018 07:44 - +4
Something similar happened to me. Do I drive like a fucking douchebag like that anymore? Nope.

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