Night Court's Harry Anderson found dead at North Carolina home

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17 Apr 2018 06:19 - +2743
Boo. That sucks. Night Court was one of the best things on television ever.
17 Apr 2018 06:42 - +853
Among some pretty crappy 80s TV, Night Court always stood out and I think Harry Anderson is a big reason why. A great talent and reportedly a nice guy. A loss for sure
17 Apr 2018 06:16 - +596
Damn, that sucks. There goes my dreams of a Night Court reboot/ reunion.
17 Apr 2018 06:45 - +496
His greatest performance was "Harry the Hat" on Cheers. What a terrific character that added so much joy to the show.
17 Apr 2018 07:30 - +370
I grew up sort of poor, in a really shitty desert town. I watched a LOT of Night Court over antennae and actually related to his character a lot. I sort of wanted to be someone like that as I got older. Thank you for the laughs Harry, we loved you for it. edit: Just added his name in at the end, it reads better now.
17 Apr 2018 06:56 - +308
He's with Mel Tormé now. Loved Night Court, great memories of him on the show. Will be missed.
17 Apr 2018 07:25 - +190
65 isn’t old :(
17 Apr 2018 06:11 - +167
Well shit.
17 Apr 2018 09:58 - +152
This is John Ritter levels of unacceptable.
17 Apr 2018 07:36 - +119
Damn. His daughter Eva pops up on a ton of comedy podcasts, her stories about him always made him seem like a great guy. Hope she's doing ok :(
17 Apr 2018 08:29 - +108
Mr. Plinkett is going to be sad.
17 Apr 2018 09:00 - +95
One of the coolest- yet least talked about- aspects of Night Court is how it's a pretty neat fictional snapshot of a New York City that is now totally, totally, TOOOOOOTALLY gone. From the opening sequence to a lot of the plot lines and subtexts, it's a pretty cool snapshot into an era in city history that a lot of people really long for- and a lot of people not from NYC still think NYC is- but has been gone since the 1990's. That era, the 80's, was NYC at its grittiest. Before it was 'cleaned up'. It was an amazing place.
17 Apr 2018 09:33 - +78
I was a cook at a bar/cafe he owned in the French Quarter of pre-Katrina New Orleans. He was a really friendly and funny guy, we shared many a drink and conversation. RIP.
17 Apr 2018 09:10 - +77
When I was a kid Night Court was on later than I was allowed to stay up. But every Thursday night my parents would watch it and it had that memorable theme song with the wood knocks at the end. But I never knew what show it was for. Every Thursday night I would hear and it plan to look in the TV Guide to see what it was, and every Friday morning I would have forgotten about looking it up until the next Thursday night. Eventually it went into syndication and I watched it but it's one of those weird quirky childhood memories that I still remember today. RIP Harry.
17 Apr 2018 07:40 - +71
This routine always stuck with me. It has an old school charm they don't make anymore:
17 Apr 2018 08:07 - +65
$50 and time served. :(
17 Apr 2018 07:44 - +55
Beep beep Richie RIP :(
17 Apr 2018 07:05 - +50
I literally just posted yesterday that Night Court was my favorite 80s sitcom. I hate that he's gone. Poor Judge Harry.
17 Apr 2018 09:05 - +49
As a kid, I was lucky enough to meet him at a theme park. I was probably thirteen or so, and I think it was Universal Studios in Florida possibly. Harry was being inducted into something similar to the Walk of Fame, and was putting his hand prints in wet cement. As he stood up, a red hankerchief appeared in his hand with a flourish of his wrist, and he wiped his hands clean. Such a little thing, but so perfectly 'him'. I felt like I got a glimpse of the quintessential performer. As he walked off, he handed me the soiled cloth and maybe said something, but I was too shocked to hear anything. I kept that hankerchief on my desk all the way through high school as a reminder that I should always do what I love. RIP Harry.
17 Apr 2018 07:39 - +39
RIP Harry the Hat. This sucks. Met him at a local magic shop when I was young. He was wearing a bathrobe and slippers. He was very nice to me.
17 Apr 2018 06:59 - +36
Harry the Hat has left the building. Sorry to hear that.
17 Apr 2018 06:12 - +34
Wasn't expecting to see that. I suppose it's too much to hope he's just come up with a really good magic trick?
17 Apr 2018 07:00 - +31
Watch the first season of Cheers. He stole the show every scene he was in and I'll always remember his tricks. This sucks.
17 Apr 2018 07:17 - +27
I had no idea he lived in Asheville. Makes you wonder how many stars live around you, but keep thier presence private or low-key.
17 Apr 2018 07:58 - +24
My heart just broke... He was so funny and talented. Night Court was one of the first "grown-up" shows I secretly watched. I'm seriously stunned...
17 Apr 2018 09:09 - +18
Legend. One of my childhood heroes. I was such a big fan I read his book [*Games You Can't Lose: A Guide for Suckers*.] ( Here's an [Oscar moment between him & John Larroquette on Night Court.] (
17 Apr 2018 09:33 - +16
Out of all the sitcoms I loved as a kid in the early 90s. Night Court was my favorite because of Harry. He was my first celeb crush. I thought he was absolutely adorable and funny as hell. This is so sad. I really hope his kids Eva and Dashell (who actually was in an episode of Night Court himself when he was a baby!) are doing ok. What's really sad/spooky is Harry was the same age as my parents are. :( It's a fucking wake up call.
17 Apr 2018 07:03 - +16
Jeez that sucks. Loved Night Court and Harry was so great as the judge and as Harry The Hat on Cheers. RIP
17 Apr 2018 07:48 - +15
I have an image of Selma welcoming him at the Pearly Gates and it makes me smile. RIP to one of the best things ever in my childhood.
17 Apr 2018 07:51 - +15
Court is now adjourned. :'(
17 Apr 2018 07:25 - +15
One of my favorite comedians when I was growing up. I love his sarcastic tone and quirky magic trick.
17 Apr 2018 07:07 - +14
I remember Night Court and even Dave's World fondly, IT, man - didn't see this coming, RIP.
17 Apr 2018 08:27 - +14
Thursday Night 80's style. Cheers, Night Court, Cosby Show, Family Ties. I still watch reruns of Night Court on the old antenna.
17 Apr 2018 07:12 - +13
Damn. Loved Night Court and his Harry the Hat bits.
17 Apr 2018 07:17 - +12
One of the funniest shows on TV until the producers took it sideways, his guest star spots on cheers were great as well.
17 Apr 2018 10:40 - +12
The reason I became a lawyer
17 Apr 2018 07:26 - +11
Harry's [second appearance on *The Tonight Show*](
17 Apr 2018 10:55 - +8
For a kid of that era, it was by far the best exposure to vaudevillians. It was packaged as must-see TV, with dogmatic feel-good shows like "The Cosby Show." As we knew at the time, Harry was the better teacher in life. #harry
17 Apr 2018 11:01 - +8
Harry's greatest magic trick to me was appearing when I needed him most. I was a lonely kid magician with an imaginary friend...Harry Anderson. Some nights when my parents weren't getting along, I'd stay in my room and watch Night Court, not really understanding most of the jokes, but being enamored with Harry's panache, wardrobe and magical aptitude...all helping me to forget what was going on down the hall. I was lucky enough to meet him about 10 years ago when he did a small club tour. My wife got to go up onstage and put him in a straight jacket, and he set her up to be the star for a few minutes. It was really a dream come true to be a part of that. I still remember the day my imaginary friend said goodbye years and years ago. I hadn't seen him in a long time, and he appeared to me in my parent's garden while I was staring off into the clouds. He told me that it was time for him to leave...that I was growing up, didn't need him anymore and that everything would be ok. Smiling from ear to ear with an aura of warmth, he simply faded away between the flowers. His upbeat attitude and outlook on life has had a resounding affect on my own life, and I hope I've honored his memory with my actions. Such a Wise Guy...and a great human being.
17 Apr 2018 09:15 - +8
Damn. I used to...and still do...consider Night Court to be one of the best sitcoms ever. It had such a great mix of slapstick comedy, raunchy humor, rapid fire jokes and tender moments. I am genuinely sad to have just found out that Harry Anderson has passed away. That ensemble cast provided me with such entertainment. Loved him on Cheers as well.
17 Apr 2018 07:33 - +8
NOOOOOOOO. I loved him. Night Court was my favorite show growing up. Damn man this is terrible.
17 Apr 2018 07:58 - +7
RIP Harry. Say hi to Reiny, Selma, and Mel.
17 Apr 2018 12:29 - +6
The man who introduced me to the greatness that was Mel Torme. Will be missed.
17 Apr 2018 12:28 - +6
I sent a fan letter to him in the 80s. He sent me back a personalized autographed photo. Great guy.
17 Apr 2018 12:17 - +5
First time, long time... Had to add something here I worked at the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, CA back in the day. We used to have everyone there... Shandling, Leno, Seinfeld, etc. Harry Anderson was the class act of them all. We used to fight over who got to work the sound booth when he worked, because he always gave that person a crisp, hundred dollar bill. And he had only like three cues that you had to be ready for... An incredible performer, but even a better human!
17 Apr 2018 11:39 - +5
Oh god, Rich Evans, I mean, Mr. Plinkett will be so upset by this news. Seriously though, Rest in Piece.
17 Apr 2018 11:11 - +5
Terrible news. When I lived in Asheville I used to go to the same barber as this guy. We often ended up there at the same time so we would chat a couple times a year. He was really genuine and down to earth, I didn't even know he was a famous TV personality until someone else told me. RIP.
17 Apr 2018 09:32 - +5
50$ fine & time served my good man .. rip
17 Apr 2018 09:37 - +4
65 is too young. He is such a member of my childhood memories. Give me lots of laughs. He'll be missed.
17 Apr 2018 12:17 - +4
What a tragedy. He was great. I really hoped someone like Netflix would bring the show back like they did with Full House. But it was really all him - 100%. You could never do it without him. I think that's a testament to what a great actor he was. To have that kind of influence? He really left his mark. It wasn't just that 65 was too young to have him taken from us, he was taken from us as a star of prime time TV. He was just that good. It feels like being robbed twice.
17 Apr 2018 09:23 - +3
Harry stone is now singing tunes with his idol Mel Torme. RiP

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