My girlfriend took this picture, it’s the current state of things in Edmonton, AB

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17 Apr 2018 07:55 - +10737
It's been a long winter, even by Canadian standards. Makes you think about moving to warmer climes. I'll put my snowblower on a trailer and start driving South. I'll keep driving until someone looks at the snowblower and says: "Hey, what's that for?" That's where I shall live.
17 Apr 2018 08:09 - +2959
I heard Summer is supposed to fall on a Thursday this year in Western Canada
17 Apr 2018 06:59 - +1372
168 consecutive days at or below zero. Welcome to Edmonton.
17 Apr 2018 10:32 - +860
as a fellow edmonton resident. fuck the henday today.
17 Apr 2018 07:27 - +823
We have the same thing happening in Sydney Australia, though 105th January is Summer here. 35C (95F) days and bushfires in the middle of April.
17 Apr 2018 10:22 - +665
We received 22” of snow within the past 2 days in Minnesota. Feel your pain.
17 Apr 2018 08:55 - +318
Also from Edmonton, getting pretty tired of this. Apparently Calgary is supposed to get more than us. haha
17 Apr 2018 07:15 - +282
Those socks are what’s up
17 Apr 2018 07:26 - +277
I live in Chicago, it’s April 16th, and I woke up to snow today. I feel like we’ve skipped right over spring for the last decade.
17 Apr 2018 10:30 - +130
Hey! My city made the front page of Reddit. This winter has been brutal. I leave my house in the morning, I can see my front lawn and by the time I get home I can't even see the streets. What gives mother nature, what gives?! According to my homie, Josh Classen, we should be back to regular temperatures next week. He's never lied to us Edmontonians before (/s lol). I'd seriously hate to be a weatherman... People just hate your guts if you don't predict the weather 100%.
17 Apr 2018 10:18 - +121
Whoa... my parents house is in this photo...
17 Apr 2018 07:06 - +101
I like her outfit. She looks like a stylish keeper!
17 Apr 2018 10:58 - +90
[BC here. We feel your pain.]( Edit: *Vancouver* here... Parts of BC are definitely still freezing.
17 Apr 2018 11:00 - +58
Wisconsonite here. Shoveled 23 inches of snow in the past 2 days. I know the feeling.
17 Apr 2018 10:14 - +57
This made me laugh...then cry because I am in Edmonton. Has someone forgotten to turn off the snow machine yet?!?
17 Apr 2018 12:13 - +50
ITT: every Edmontonian on Reddit celebrating making the front page.
17 Apr 2018 07:57 - +42
We are feeling in the mood for Christmas in North Carolina
17 Apr 2018 07:26 - +41
Ha ha ha currently staring out my window to this as well. Stupid Alberta.
17 Apr 2018 11:02 - +31
I think it's fucking sorcery how girls can bundle up like Eskimos yet still be totally fine wearing skin tight leggings like they're going for a morning summer jog.
17 Apr 2018 10:56 - +30
I want to be stoked about Edmo hitting the front page but fuck this winter forever and ever.
17 Apr 2018 08:37 - +30
Might as well make it the 111th day of Christmas while you’re at it.
17 Apr 2018 07:24 - +22
Nice scarf though!
17 Apr 2018 10:45 - +20
Lousy Smarch weather.
17 Apr 2018 07:36 - +14
And to think I thought it was a little chilly last night when it dropped to like 15C.
17 Apr 2018 10:36 - +12
it was 80 degrees this weekend out here in SoCal
17 Apr 2018 08:03 - +10
Southern California gave up on winter a long time ago. I guess things around the world just average out.

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