Where boys became men.


17 Apr 2018 09:02 - +12898
The only reason we have a base over here is because they have a base over there
17 Apr 2018 07:52 - +5556
You ever wonder why we're here?
17 Apr 2018 08:41 - +3205
*Deep voice* SSLAYER
17 Apr 2018 08:27 - +2390
Forever proof that it’s not graphics that make a game, it’s fun game mechanics and an op af pistol.
17 Apr 2018 09:08 - +1837
Trying to choose a RvB quote but too many come to mind
17 Apr 2018 08:15 - +1747
Is that a Puma?
17 Apr 2018 07:30 - +1212
Is that blood gulch in halo?
17 Apr 2018 09:03 - +982
And some men became gay robots.
17 Apr 2018 09:40 - +966
Fuck now I gotta rewatch all of Red vs. Blue again
17 Apr 2018 10:24 - +798
My favorite scene of all time: **Church:** Okay! We're gonna send over our medic! Now what do we get?! **Simmons:** You?! You're surrendering! You don't get anything except humiliation and ridicule! **Tucker:** We've already got that! What else do you have?! **Sarge:** What do you want?! **Church:** How about if you admit that the Red Team sucks?! *(The Reds mutter to themselves for a moment.)* **Sarge:** What if we admit that one of us sucks?! **Grif:** NICE. Wait, you mean Donut, right? *TWO HOURS LATER* **Church:** Okay then! We agree to the terms?! You first, and then we send over the medic! **Sarge:** Get on with it, Grif. **Grif:** *(grunting sigh)* I would just like to let everyone know.. that I suck! **Church:** And?! **Grif:** And that I'm a girl! **Church:** What else!? **Grif:** And I like ribbons in my hair! And I want to kiss all the boys! **Sarge:** This may be the best surrender of all time.
17 Apr 2018 09:13 - +279
17 Apr 2018 09:25 - +256
/r/HaloOnline Made my day when I found this guys.
17 Apr 2018 07:44 - +246
Where boys became men....and where men screenlooked to find and kill you and then proceed to say you suck °<° feelsbadman
17 Apr 2018 09:28 - +227
Blood gulch is actually one of the most I C O N I C maps I’ve ever played on. Might get unbalanced every once in a while but fun all the time.
17 Apr 2018 09:58 - +220
You shot Church you team killing fucktard!!
17 Apr 2018 09:38 - +156
Capture the Flag is an underutilized game mode in modern day FPS games. Halo absolutely crushed it with CTF. Never been a game before or since that did it quite as well.
17 Apr 2018 08:20 - +149
I remember watch in the first few seasons of red vs blue there.
17 Apr 2018 08:22 - +123
Man, that level has less polygons than Master Chief's ass these days.
17 Apr 2018 08:24 - +120
And where Red met Blue.
17 Apr 2018 07:35 - +119
Lawl Still hear my brother.... Stop Sniping that’s so cheap!
17 Apr 2018 09:43 - +115
"Why would you give CPR for a bullet wound I the head" -Sarge
17 Apr 2018 08:21 - +94
Where some boys became men, and some boys stayed in banshees running over everyone else.
17 Apr 2018 09:51 - +79
It's not PINK it's lightish red!
17 Apr 2018 09:34 - +78
I only drink the blood of my enemies! And an occasional strawberry yoo-hoo...
17 Apr 2018 08:56 - +74
ever wonder why we're here?
17 Apr 2018 10:09 - +50
It makes me so happy to see all the RvB fans out there
17 Apr 2018 09:40 - +46
Dammit Griff!
17 Apr 2018 09:58 - +36
Thanks OP for reminding me how good RvB is.
17 Apr 2018 10:03 - +32
Look at all of you shisnos making Red vs Blue references...
17 Apr 2018 09:38 - +27
OMG now go back and watch Red vs Blue.
17 Apr 2018 09:41 - +25
No way. Used to play this at my high school in grade 7. Great times on Halo:CE. Worst thing was that they shut the lab after school hours for Halloween of that year. It never opened up again, yet it occupies such a distinct array of memories for me. I feel like I lived to see the end of an era.
17 Apr 2018 10:04 - +23
ITT: Red vs Blue references
17 Apr 2018 09:15 - +23
Does anyone remember Xbox Connect, used to take multiple xboxs on your home network online against another group of xboxs on another network? We used to throw the fuck down! & have fun launching warthogs with piles of nades.. Edit: Google refreshed my memory.
17 Apr 2018 10:12 - +22
And I mean hell. If you have to live the rest of your life in a memory, you might as well make it a good one.
17 Apr 2018 10:43 - +18
Im probably a bit late for this to get noticed, but just so everyone knows, Halo Online is getting a massive update/full release 4/20. It's a fan made halo multiplayer game based off the core of halo 3 multiplayer but with maps from i believe every halo. Also a forge mode that centers off of reach's system with some added features and customizability. It's completely free and is going to be an absolute party once it's released so if you have a computer and still love halo, get ready to get back into the action. Excuse the formatting if it's poor, I'm on mobile.

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