My nurse friend posted this - thought you all would appreciate the wisdom of skylarsmommy

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17 Apr 2018 08:46 - +1261
We are dealing with mental health issues in my home currently, and man oh man do "they" ever think oils will cure it. It's disgusting.
17 Apr 2018 11:30 - +1032
I have something better than a medical degree, hun. I’m a MOM :-)
17 Apr 2018 08:59 - +827
Hey 👋 there Doctor! 👨‍⚕️ Why don’t you 👉 quit ✖️ your cubicle scheme (hospitals have cubicles, right? 🤪) and become a #BossBro 💪 and earn 💰 $2/per hour 💰😱 PM me hun 😍 ... er, bro 💪 and you can join my 💦 oily empire 💦 TODAY for the low cost 💰 of your dignity 🤪 and all your 👉 friends and family!
17 Apr 2018 10:12 - +401
17 Apr 2018 11:34 - +194
My husband is a doctor. I showed him this and his response was to look at me really confused and say "what the fuck are essential oils?" I assume this means three things: essential oils are most certainly not taught in medical school, he has the good fortune to have never met an oil-peddling hun, and he obviously ignores all of my antiMLM rants.
17 Apr 2018 10:15 - +151
2 week class? Lol. Try 2 minute phone call with their upstream
17 Apr 2018 10:22 - +104
Two weeks?! That's impressive! Everything I've seen from my oily acquaintances are one hour long workshops to "make over your medicine cabinet". Cause an hour is all it takes to have a better understanding than medical professionals of how to treat complex medical issues.
17 Apr 2018 10:58 - +88
To be fair lots of future nurses in my anatomy and physiology class have been hearing all about EOs from our professor and just last week he told us that vaccinations cause autism. Excuses while I rock my self back and forth and slip into insanity.
17 Apr 2018 11:38 - +88
Man if you think that middle-ish aged, white suburban nurses aren't also part of all this bullshit you are kidding yourself. Most of my coworkers are convinced that ear candling, bracelets made of 'special stones' and essential oils really work to deal with 'sub clinical' issues. It's baffling considering we all have actual evidence-based knowledge about so many issues...
17 Apr 2018 09:51 - +72
*Image Transcription* --- MFW I threw away my twenties learning every cell in the human body but skylarsmommy2375 learned a great essential oil blend in her two week class. [*Stock photo of a doctor from the torso up holding a clipboard with a stethoscope around his neck and his hand on his forehead*] --- ^^I'm a human volunteer content transcriber for Reddit and you could be too! [If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](
17 Apr 2018 09:06 - +35
How dare they use my name in this meme!
17 Apr 2018 11:15 - +26
I get told I’m crazy for believing in CBD and cannabis. But essential oil huns are the real crazies.
17 Apr 2018 12:38 - +21
I just made a laundry rinse from white vinegar and lavender essential oil. It smells great. Vinegar is a wonderful thing to use on laundry. The lavender has some anti-bacterial, anti-microbal properties, too, so the whole thing is a win. No, it doesn't cure cancer.
17 Apr 2018 11:19 - +18
My mom is a big fan of essential oils. Whenever I'm sick she'll tell me which ones to apply and I swear it actually works sometimes (for colds and headaches, little things). My boyfriend is studying for his nursing exam right now and I was telling my mom he's nervous. In the most sweet and innocent way she told me, "oh, you should give him some essential oils. That should do the trick" I love my mom and she is a total sweetheart but damn sometimes she lives in her own world
17 Apr 2018 12:44 - +16
This was by far the hardest class in med school. With 37.2 trillion cells in the human body it took a while to memorize all of them, but that's why we invited flash cards.
17 Apr 2018 14:37 - +10
American MD student weeks away from graduation here. I worked a shift for my emergency medicine clerkship til midnight last night, and a nurse told me she was on a cayenne pepper detox. The first cited article from the non-peer-reviewed, non-double-blinded, non-controlled, non-randomized source she pointed me towards started with "astounding cayenne: another herbal healer sent us by the God of heaven." I don't doubt some of the claims, but come on. More importantly, why is a nurse posting this about throwing away her 20s? Not saying they don't work hard or aren't a critical part of the team effort, but I've dedicated ALL of my 20s to becoming a physician and still won't be done when I turn 30.
17 Apr 2018 11:42 - +7
I know way too many people into these essential oils things.. i just smile and nod at this point
17 Apr 2018 14:03 - +5
Oils can have some legitimate medicinal effects, but they are far from the miracle product these people advertise them as
17 Apr 2018 14:02 - +3
My girlfriend is an RN and makes about $50/hour. Who the fuck would trade that for selling ball sweat in a jar?
17 Apr 2018 10:42 - +2
Am I missing something? Who is skylarsmommy? Obviously uses reddit but is there back sorry?
17 Apr 2018 13:54 - +2
I'm a therapist (2x masters degrees and a post grad dip) and I can't tell you how many times I've been told 'I have a great blend that I think would really help your clients'.
17 Apr 2018 14:23 - +2
What did you say about my momma!
17 Apr 2018 11:55 - +2
You had me worried for a second because my friends mom is caught up in one of these (thankfully she keeps my family of her sell list), he has a sister who’s name is Skylar.

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