To the people on a plane on 9/11, what did your pilots tell you when they grounded all flights?

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17 Apr 2018 16:35 - +19003
I was flying from London to New York and diverted into Montreal. I told the passengers that there had been a security-related event and that all US airspace had been closed down, requiring us to land at the nearest suitable airport.
17 Apr 2018 17:17 - +10041
London to Chicago. Pilot told us there had been a major incident and US airspace was closed. Asked us not to talk or speculate with other passengers about the incident (to minimize panic). We turned our phones on as we taxied on landing in Montreal. Both towers were already down and phones were going crazy, people who had managed to get a call through were sobbing and trying to explain to those whose phones wouldn’t connect what they had just heard. Absolute sense of disbelief all round and it didn’t really hit until I saw it on tv in the hotel. One thing we were told at the time by the pilot, which I never really looked into, was that the pilot was out of direct radio contact with ATC in both London and the US at the time, so they were talking to the plane behind them, who was talking to the plane behind them, who was talking to ATC somewhere. So they were getting garbled second or third hand information from multiple sources about planes crashing and hijackings and trying to inform their passengers while not being sure of the information they had received themselves. I always wondered if that was really how ground to air communications worked on long haul flights. If so, it must have been a surreal and disorienting experience as a pilot to be told something so unbelievable without any immediate way to really verify it.
17 Apr 2018 18:17 - +8240
I was on a small corporate propeller flight to a small town. Was in the air when the first plane hit. Somewhere during the day they just called us let us know that would not be flying us back. The town was so small they didn’t have rental cars. That’s when I learned the Ford dealership rents cars. I drove back to Minneapolis with the guy that worked for our vendor. He was from Boston. He was getting married in Boston that weekend. He eventually had to drive back. As weird as that day was I think the weirdest thing was that we dropped him off at hotel called the Thunderbird. It was the only one that had an open room. He pulled out the novel he had been reading and it was set at that hotel. What a surreal day.
17 Apr 2018 15:48 - +7537
My father worked for Delta at the time as a supervisor in the airport. He was working a flight that was about to push back when everything shut down. He had the final paperwork for the flight crew and ran down to let them know they weren't going anywhere. ATC had just announced the shutdown to all aircraft on the ground. No details were given over the radio, just that an incident had happened in NYC and all flights were grounded. He announced over the plane's PA that the flight was canceled due to an unknown incident and everyone could retrieve their luggage in a few minutes. There were no TVs in the gate area back then, but a few of the shops and snack bars had TVs in the ticketing area. As people got near a TV the word spread. Everyone collected their bags and left the airport. Surprisingly there were no passengers screaming at the agents, no chaos, and from about 11:00 on the airport was deserted except for airline employees.
17 Apr 2018 17:24 - +4297
I was on a plane from LA to Melbourne, with a stop-over via Auckland, and 9/11 happened while we were in the air. Halfway through the flight, all the flight attendants got really nervous, and the pilot told us that due to a safety issue, the seatbelt sign was kept on throughout the flight, which we all found really confusing. When we landed in NZ, there were armed guards with machine guns to greet us - which is very out of the ordinary for New Zealand. The first reports the flight attendants gave us was that it was the Empire State Building that had been attacked, that was how confused initial reports were. We were luckily allowed to fly on to Melbourne, but after that all international flights were grounded for a few days .
17 Apr 2018 18:08 - +3670
2nd hand: My parents were flying the morning of 9/11. I dropped them off at the airport and drove to work. First tower was hit as I pulled into the parking lot. Radio people thought it was just a fire at the tower. As I went into work and checked the news, it became clear a plane hit it. As I was on the phone with my buddy, the second plane hit on the live TV he was watching. That's when it was clear this was intentional. Started to tell my boss I needed to pick up my parents, but he cut me off and said, "GO!". I called my parents as I ran to the car. The TVs at the gates had all been turned off and they announced no flights would be taking off. I raced to the airport, picked them up, and drove home to eerily empty roads and sky.
17 Apr 2018 18:17 - +3054
I was on a United flight from newark to Atlanta that morning. We were in the air when everything happened and were supposed to land about 9:00. Just before landing they held us in a"holding pattern" in the air. At about 9:30 we landed. No announcements were made on the plane. Just as we got to the gate and people started turning their phones on, i hear phones start ringing everywhere. "What happened...." "a plane hit what..." at that point my phone started to ring as well. It was my wife wanting to make sure i wasn't on one of the planes. And she filled me in on what was known then. The pilot and cabin crew did not say anything about what happened. There was an eerie silence in the terminal. I did not see any tv screens. I went directly to the car rental company got a car and started driving north, back to NY. Listening to the radio as much as i could the whole way back...
17 Apr 2018 14:05 - +1963
My step dad was a pilot flying small private jets, and was in the air when it happened. He said they just told him to land, and had to go into the airport to find out why, and what happened, and go back to the plane to tell the passengers.
17 Apr 2018 17:29 - +1827
My mother was at the Las Vegas airport waiting for her flight to board. She was sitting at a bank of slot machines and saw the breaking news on a TV tuned to CNN. She said that the people at the slot machines around her looked up for just a minute to watch the TV and promptly went back to playing the slots like nothing had happened. It made her very sad.
17 Apr 2018 16:51 - +1441
Didn't say anything other than that we were redirected from our destination.
17 Apr 2018 17:42 - +1325
My Dad was on flight from Salt Lake City to Phoenix. He said they were diverted to Las Vegas but were not given a reason as to why. Side note: I flew to Phoenix to go to a Diamondbacks game only a couple weeks after the attacks. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life - the airports were practically ghost towns.
17 Apr 2018 16:17 - +1138
I was still a toddler, but my dad was on a flight from England to NYC and luckily wasn’t to long after takeoff they redirected them to land, but my mom had the worst panic attack ever and must have called my dad 100 times because there was no info on what planes crashed and she knew he was in the air at the time.
17 Apr 2018 17:04 - +928
My mom worked in the accounting department for American Trans Air, and according to her, there was only one ATA plane that had to land in Nova Scotia. The passengers weren’t told about planes crashing until they landed. There were so many planes that had already landed, that they were lined up in rows.
17 Apr 2018 16:19 - +832
For a second I thought you were talking specifically about the planes that got hijacked... well uh
17 Apr 2018 18:19 - +686
My mom wasn’t told anything except that they had to land immediately. She was flying back from Taiwan and was closest to Hawaii. So they turned around and landed at Hawaii. It was a work trip so they covered her hotel and all expenses for a week. She said it was horrible what happened but a really nice vacation.
17 Apr 2018 19:31 - +656
My dad was an armed high ranking federal agent. He was flying from DC to Miami (I think - definitely FL). He was woken up somewhere over Southern Virginia, and asked to come to the cockpit. The pilots told him to guard the cockpit, and that he was authorized to shoot - he spoke to someone confirming the authorization. He was given the jump seat next to the cockpit during landing, so he could see if anyone stood up. He told me later that the reason they were allowed to continue to Miami instead of putting down in the Carolinas was because he was on the plane. When he died in 2010, my mom showed me the piece of paper he had kept, with his notes from that radio transmission. I think my older brother has them now. Side note, when he landed, he was met by the three guys he was flying down to meet with, and they all drove back overnight, getting back just in time to help oversee the search at the pentagon. I’ve never seen him as shaken as the day he brought home a piece of the desk from his office.
17 Apr 2018 18:19 - +581
I was due to catch a flight back to NYC on 10:30am of 9/11. Never made it to the airport. Rented a car the next day to drive back so I could get to my apartment, which was in the "frozen zone" below 14th St. Two friends of mine who were sisters were departing on two different international flights that morning. One departed, the other didn't. It was several hours before they could reach each other to confirm the neither of them had been on the affected flights.
17 Apr 2018 18:35 - +521
Very late to the party. I wasn't on a flight then, but I know someone that was. Contrary to most replies in this thread, the pilot didn't say anything. While up in the air, they turned the plane around extremely slowly, so it wasn't noticeable to the passengers (or that was the idea). Then they landed at the airport they left from. I guess the turning around thing was to prevent any more terrorists from catching on. I'm surprised all the pilots announced they were turning around or landing due to sesurity issues.
17 Apr 2018 19:02 - +479
My dad flew on 9/11 from Newark to Boston for work. He was on an earlier flight than any of this. Once he touched down in Boston and heard what happened, him and his coworker drove home (back to NJ) from Boston. Typically it's about a 4 hour drive. It took them almost 9. They didn't have to drive home but wanted us to know we were okay. There was also barely any cell coverage on my home town end since we were so close to NYC. I know this doesn't answer your question directly, but man this day hits home for me. It eats my dad alive to this day how he still believes he saw those guys in one of the airports and didn't know it. I could see the smoke rising from my middle school like no tomorrow was in sight. No one went back to school for about 2 weeks. A lot of kids I went to school with had family members pass away. The anniversary always haunts me. I visited the 9/11 memorial and museum in NY a few years back with this girl I was seeing. She had never been to NY before and I felt crazy when I honestly started to cry inside. All the emotions got to me at once. It's a day never forget. And definitely a day that many more people other than myself will never forget for even worse reasons. I feel incredibly lucky to have a dad that's still alive today, when many of my friends do not have parents or relatives that are so lucky.
17 Apr 2018 19:57 - +456
My father was the ATC supervisor for Logan Airport on 9/11 which is where the hijacked planes originated from. Before they hit the WTC my dad knew they had been hijacked. They lost contact and then saw on the news that a plane had hit the WTC. He called FAA hq and they thought it was a prank. By the time the second plane hit NORAD was telling him to ground every aircraft in their airspace. He said the hardest part was not being able to watch the news. All of his controllers desperately wanted to watch, but they had to get all of those planes down. There were several times when they thought more planes had been hijacked. He told me it was the absolute worst day of his life.
17 Apr 2018 18:28 - +418
I was flying from Atlanta to Denver. Our flight was forced to land in Tulsa, OK. We were told that there was a terrorist attack in NY and that our aircraft had been ordered to land. The pilot did not mention that ALL aircraft had been ordered to land. As the only brown person on board I thought: Great, they must think that I am a suspect and now we have to land. Once we landed and I saw all the planes jamming the tarmac, I realized that it was something really big.
17 Apr 2018 18:22 - +385
I flew from Sweden to Turkey. Before boarding the plane I remember that everyone in the airport stood in silence watching the news on the different tv-monitors in the airport. It was a really weird feeling that it was so silent in a usually hectic place. The flight went on as usual. The attack happened just before we checked in to the airport.
17 Apr 2018 18:25 - +358
I was flying from London to Dallas and was diverted to Gander in Canada. We estimate we must have been roughly in the New York vicinity when it all happened. All we got told was there was an incident in the US airspace that has caused the US to close off their airspace to all traffic. They told us what really happened shortly after we landed. EDIT: my full story:
17 Apr 2018 18:44 - +327
Just want to let everyone know- there’s a fantastic broadway musical called “come from away” about a town in Canada that housed passengers from grounded flights during 9/11. I highly recommend checking out the soundtrack, it’s a beautiful musical and had me crying my eyes out when I saw it.
17 Apr 2018 18:22 - +326
I was flying Hong Kong to London, so wasn’t subject to the flight groundings, but the proletariat told us there had ‘been an incident’ in New York and there would be increased security at the terminal. Arrived at Heathrow and there were dozens of police walking around with submachines guns (English police might not be regularly armed but they do not mess around when they feel they need to be.) Still not sure what’s up but definitely something serious. My parents grabbed a newspaper to try and figure out what happened and flipped through the very scanty initial reports with the big picture of the burning towers on the cover, while queuing for security . Person behind them asked if they could have a look and you could subsequently hear people gasping one by by one as the paper made its way down the queue. Edit: Pilot- apparently my phone is trying to join the revolution.
17 Apr 2018 19:16 - +247
My wife was flying Paris - NYC; the pilot first came on the PA and said “bombs were being dropped on US soil”, airspace was closed and they were diverting to Halifax because they didn’t have enough fuel to return to Paris. Then they came on and said Halifax was closed and they would have to return to France. Hmmm...not enough fuel? The plane landed in Brest, on the west coast of France. No clue how much fuel the plane was left with. My wife was put up in a very nice hotel with the rest of the Business class passengers, and was stuck for 4 very surreal days in Paris. There was a doctor on board who was flying to NYC to do an organ transplant; he was able to access a fax machine in the cockpit to tell the medical team in NYC that he wouldn’t make it and they should halt the organ harvest from the donor. Fascinating.
17 Apr 2018 19:04 - +209
You know what I never thought about is the small communities in Alaska. A lot of them have to have things shipped in. Did they not get supplies while there were no flights?
17 Apr 2018 18:57 - +194
I was 9 when 9/11 occurred and my family were returning home from a birthday trip to Disney, (my birthday is September 12th, 1991, so I was turning 10 that very next day) so Orlando to Kansas City. I don’t remember the specifics but it didn’t feel like we were in the air long at all (our flight had been at 8:20) before the captain had come onto the overhead speakers to tell us that there had been some pretty serious incidents occurring in New York City and that they were told to land as soon as possible and that we’d be diverted to Houston. As soon as we landed, my dad had called my uncle (who lives in Hackensack, but worked in NYC) and my uncle had told him everything. My dad literally exclaimed into a kind of gasp-sob and that was the first and only time I’ve ever come close to seeing him cry. When we got off the plane, it was all over the televisions throughout the airport. My mom and dad practically clinger to us the entire time from the airport to our hotel nearby. The whole thing is something I cannot and will not ever forget.
17 Apr 2018 19:25 - +156
It's so surreal to see the US airspace completely empty. Here is a timelapse of the day:
17 Apr 2018 18:47 - +135
My mom was working at the world bank in DC on that day. Her window overlooks the Pentagon. She says she was on hold on the phone and was staring out the window and she watched the plane crash into the Pentagon.
17 Apr 2018 19:05 - +131
Was not on a plane. Was inside a NYC area neonatal intesive care (NIC). My daughter was born a few days earlier with minor complications. The hospital went into lock down with lots of alarms going off. They're a regional burn center and were preparing. Hospital workers told us an event occurred they preparing for. Walked out of the NIC and watched the first tower go down. While driving to the hospital the car radio went out (the first plane had hit at that moment). Today pauses in radio reception scare me.
17 Apr 2018 19:39 - +102
My wife and I were flying from London to Los Angeles - about three hours into the flight my wife asked why the flight map on her video screen showed the plane flying east instead of west (apparently the 747 had just completed a slow turn). At that exact moment the pilot came over the speaker and told us the plane would be going back to the UK because there had been an incident in New York and that US airspace had been closed down. All passengers were requested to remain in their seats and the air phones were turned off. We ended up landing in Cardiff, Wales – there were several 747s at the runway by the time we arrived. The minute the plane landed dozens of cell phones were ringing. All the events of the day came all at once – towers hit, towers collapsed, Pentagon hit and another plane crashed in PA and worst of all thousands had died. People were just stunned learning all these details. The airport terminal was just overwhelmed – there were thousands of people and the support staff were doing their best to assist us but they had little information or resources. First they said that flights would be departing the next day so we could be getting overnight accommodation. My wife said there was no way that anyone would be flying anywhere in the near future and our best bet would be to catch a train back to London. Fortunately there were several passengers that had the same thought and somehow they arranged to get a bus chartered to take us back to Heathrow. While waiting for the bus we found a television and were able to see the images of the day. People were watching in stunned silence and many were weeping. Upon boarding the bus my wife and I shared a set of earbuds which was plugged into a radio that had a US feed going through local UK stations – the news just kept getting worse and it was clear that the world had changed while we had been in the air. At about 1am the bus arrived at Heathrow which was absolutely deserted. Eventually we made it back to our flat in Weybridge – we stayed up watching CNN International for the next few hours and as the sun came up we finally got some sleep. It was a day we have spoken of often since that time and one we will never forget. I still have the boarding passes in my desk.
17 Apr 2018 18:53 - +87
Someone I worked with was in the air when it happened. His plane landed in Chicago, he rented a car and drove the rest of the way back. Poor bastard went home and crashed. He wasn't even aware of the terrorist attack until he showed up on Thursday complaining about having to put in a reimbursement claim for his rental. "They said there was a mechanical problem. Why wouldn't they tell us? Jesus.." was pretty much his reaction.
17 Apr 2018 18:40 - +68
I was due to fly out from London to LA via Munich. We got as far as Munich and got stuck for a few days there. I don’t recall a lot apart from it being chaos and getting put up in a business hotel in Munich. I was only 19 so wasn’t the typical business traveller. I remember running to get the last seats on a plane to LA- literally sprinting past others who didn’t get on
17 Apr 2018 19:15 - +60
My dad was driving in Nebraska and said the only thing he saw in the sky was the contrail of Air Force One and its escorts.
17 Apr 2018 18:44 - +51
My dad was in the United club of Newark airport about to fly out. He watched both planes hit. The first plane they said accident. They told everyone to get out after the second plane hit. I had to find him in a sea of people on the side of route 1 and 9. They kicked everyone out of the airport in a day of no cell phones.
17 Apr 2018 19:08 - +49
Oh man, I was in middle school in New York at the time (we could see the fires from my Biology classroom, I remember it so vividly). My dad was flying home to NYC from Philadelphia, so it was especially scary because of that plane that also went down there. I think they were just really vague about "something" happening related to a plane, but they didn't go into any detail. I can ask him for more information. God, I remember my mom calling me and telling me that he was fine but it was so terrifying. The boy who sat in front of me lost his dad in the towers and I remember looking at the back of his head when they made the announcement over the loudspeakers that there was an attack before they really knew what happened so he would've had no idea yet.
17 Apr 2018 18:57 - +47
Nothing...complete silence about it. I was flying from Toronto to Montreal. I noticed that the breakfast service ended abruptly and the stewards were acting funny, standing at the bulkheads and visually scanning the passengers etc. I listened to hear if the plane sounded funny or was behaving oddly...nothing was out of the ordinary so I went back to reading my paper. Disembarked into a sea of people at YUL, when I came down the escalator I didn't know where I was going to stand...that many people. Many many Americans that had no idea they would be visiting Canada that day...they were on the radio asking for people with extra rooms to lend, and Montreal'ers took them all into their homes...within an hour they were saying they had enough available rooms. Called my wife to tell her I was ok, my kids were freaking out at school because they were young and all they knew was that daddy was flying for work today and then everyone was talking about planes crashing. I spent the week working near the airport and marvelling at the clarity of the sky, ended up driving home because flights still weren't cleared to take off. Saw several heavy military jets following the 401 highway at low altitude near CFB Trenton. Edit: this is amazing to watch
17 Apr 2018 19:32 - +45
Here is an old thread on flyertalk regarding being on a plane during 9/11: and Excerpt: >On 9/11, I was listening to Ch. 9. I was on a flight out of ORD to AZ (757) seated in 5F. We had just taken off and where climbing to cruise. A flight out of Rockford, IL was squeezing between us and the UA in front of us. I watched as he lined up to get on the highway westbound. Then, abruptly, the Rockford flight called ATC and requested immediate clearance to return to home. ATC responded with some quick direction and asked if they were experiencing trouble. No, just directed to return home by company pronto. Hmmm, strange I thought. >Then the UA in front of us requested emergency clearance back to ORD. Loooong pause from ATC. Now, this is Chicago Center air space. There are no pauses. Certainly not 30-40 seconds of dead air. Hmm, man that is weird, I thought. Then like a starters pistol went off, the comm light up. Another plane req. clearance, then another, another.... boom, boom, boom. Nothing from ATC. I nudged the guy next to me and said put on Ch. 9. He could see by the expression on my face, I was serious. >ATC got on the air and started by saying this was going to go quick and pilots needed to listen up. "Protocol responses are not required, just do exactly as I say quickly". Then it began. "UA ###, turn right heading blah, blah expect Springfield airport. SWA ###, turn left heading blah, blah expect Rockford. Delta ###...." This went on for about 3 solid minutes before I rang the bell for the FA who was passing out breakfast. Our number had not yet been called. The FA came by and I said "We are all going back to O'Hare, they are landing every plane in the sky. What is going on?!?" She looked at me in disbelief and kind of leaned down to look out the window. I could see that she was about to start to tell me not to worry about it when we pitched right at about 45*s. It was so quick it nearly dumped the FA in my lap.
17 Apr 2018 19:09 - +42
A friend of mind was a pilot for Singapore Airlines flying Singapore to Seattle I think he said. He was diverted into Canada, but only told the passengers the bare minimum that they were being diverted to another airport. It wasn't until they got inside the airport terminal and saw the TV that they understood why they were diverted. (Even he was surprised at the scale compared to what ATC told him.) He was also the pilot in command of the first commercial aircraft to enter US airspace when it was reopened, and he recalled being terrified of deviating from his planned track. He had an uneasy feeling in the back of his mind that there was likely an F-14 a few thousand feet above him ready to vaporise them if he moved unexpectedly.
17 Apr 2018 18:37 - +41
One of my employees was flying from the US to Europe, they had cleared US airspace when the attacks happened, and they weren't told anything until after landing
17 Apr 2018 19:53 - +37
My father was stuck on the tarmac at CLE. He couldn't leave, because they were diverting another plane there that supposedly had a bomb on board. Spoiler Alert: It didn't. Bonus Story: As I was outside with my mom, and she was relaying what was happening with my dad to a neighbor... A plane banked overhead and turned around. Mom says "huh, that's weird, must have to go back to the airport." It was flight 93.
17 Apr 2018 19:35 - +26
I know it isn't pilot related, but I was working at Walt Disney World that day and it isn't a dissimilar story to what I've been reading about the flights on here. At about 10:30 AM the decision was made to close all the parks at WDW as they have always been considered a high risk target. When they started announcing the park closure over the park PA, show announcements, etc, they simply described it as "due to the events in NYC and Washington DC Walt Disney World will be closed for the remainder of the day." Since back in 2001 very few people had cell phones, and the ones that did usually did not take them to a theme park, 99% of the guests had zero idea what the hell they were even talking about. Trying to explain to guests what was going on while trying to quickly get them out of the parks was very awkward. In fact many Cast members, if they have been in a more isolated position (like outdoor food services) didn't even know themselves what had been going on and were just as confused. It's quite amazing, with everyone having smartphones now with news notifications, how much different it would be if 9/11 happened today instead.
17 Apr 2018 19:06 - +25
My parents were flying from New York to LA and were in the air when it happened. The pilot said, "Due to a national emergency, all domestic flights are being grounded immediately and we are trying to get a spot at Indianapolis." My dad said he thought it was a nuclear attack and all of his kids on both coasts were gone. When they finally landed at Indianapolis, the airport had all the TV's off, even the arrival/departure ones so he thought his suspicions were confirmed. Somebody finally got through to a loved one on a cell phone (Cell phones barely worked near major cities that morning) and let everyone know. He was relieved, morbidly enough. They got on a train to LA a couple of days later.
17 Apr 2018 18:42 - +24
Not exactly an answer to your question, but I can get an answer if there’s enough interest. I may have a few details wrong because it’s my dads story. He was flying out of Logan at the same time as the hijackers. He literally could have walked right by one of them. So when the news first came on, my mom was absolutely terrified. I think she was able to get through to him on the phone and that’s how he first learned about it. He was heading to a conference in Chicago with some other people from his work. They went all the way there, and then went straight to the rental car agency. There was very few left so they got one all together and just started driving home (Massachusetts). I can’t imagine the mood in that car. I was only six at the time, and my dad traveled a lot (mostly by car) so I wasn’t aware he was flying that day. We were told what happened but I think they only turned on the news later in the day. Those details are kind of fuzzy but I think they wanted to wait until everyone was sure it was mostly over before letting six year olds see what happened.
17 Apr 2018 19:14 - +23
I was just coming off my ten days of leave after graduating Parris Island, flying from Florida up to Camp Lejeune for MCT (combat training for non-infantry). We were in the air when it happened, and the pilot told us everything. We were pretty incredulous, but when we landed the tiny little airport was full of reporters. As if any of us little baby Marines could answer any questions. At least we were close enough to our destination to finish the flight and not be diverted elsewhere, I guess.
17 Apr 2018 19:18 - +21
My instructor pilot in the military was flying down in alabama, and over Guard (which is a radio frequency that you are required to listen to at all times where critical information is put out, or you would contact them in the event of an emergency or hijacking) everyone in the airspace was told to return to base as soon as possible to shut down, and that the airspace was being shut down. (This never happens). The next few minutes you could hear guard communicating with fighter jets for some deconfliction stuff every once in awhile.
17 Apr 2018 19:13 - +20
My folks were on a plane to New York when in happened, they got diverted to Tahiti. They weren't told anything except there were security issues at NY. Apparantly everyone on the plane was pissed and thought it would be nothing till they got off the plane and saw the news.

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