In most groups of friends, one of them will eventually go to all the other friends' funerals, and one of them won't go to anyone's funeral

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17 Apr 2018 20:37 - +6005
Sometimes when my whole family is together at someone's house I think someday this house will be totally quiet. We'll all be gone. It's a weird feeling. It was nice being a kid when everything was infinite.
17 Apr 2018 18:34 - +3807
This makes me both relieved and sad that I don't have a group of friends.
17 Apr 2018 21:16 - +3470
My grandmother had this friend Gayle who she'd been best friends with since 6th grade, absolutely inseparable. Gayle couldn't have kids so my grandmother even named my aunt after her. I remember when I was young, my dad would bring me to her house for cookouts with their group of old lady friends, there was a group of like 7 of them plus their husbands. Through the years the group became smaller and smaller. My parents never made me go to their funerals because I really didn't know any of them that well except for Gayle and a lady named Pattie (and also didn't realize they were dead). Then when I was 15, it got to the point where it was just Gayle, Gayle's husband, Pattie, and my grandparents. Then within the span of like 2 years Pattie died, then my grandfather died, then Gayle's husband died. All Gayle had left was her best friend, my grandmother. Then last year my grandmother died. She outlived every single one of her friends. I remember feeling less upset about my grandmother's death than seeing Gayle showing up to her funeral all by herself. I'm sure she has friends elsewhere but she outlived her every one of her close loved ones. I NEVER want to be Gayle.
17 Apr 2018 19:42 - +3245
Jesus christ that hit me hard this morning.
17 Apr 2018 20:18 - +1533
What if they all die at the same time in some kind of freak gasoline fight accident
17 Apr 2018 20:57 - +891
Jesus Christ you must have some rough showers
17 Apr 2018 20:46 - +686
Always go to other people's funerals. Otherwise, they won't come to yours. -Yogi Berra
17 Apr 2018 18:49 - +459
Eh, the group you are thinking of probably won't be friends by the time you start dying.
17 Apr 2018 20:06 - +344
I don’t want to ever be laid down in a funeral parlor or in a cemetery. I want a raging keg party with all my favorite music playing on a beach near the mountains while I watch from my funeral pyre. Pour me many strong whiskey drinks and culminate the night with me burning back into the earth . ..... I want a boat but my wife won’t agree to it .
17 Apr 2018 19:44 - +165
And no one comes to the last one's funeral
17 Apr 2018 20:39 - +159
My friend and I agreed that the one who lives longer will roast the other at the funeral
17 Apr 2018 18:33 - +126
Thanks for this
17 Apr 2018 21:01 - +107
I've outlived my wife by 20 years so far. It really sucks ass...
17 Apr 2018 19:32 - +49
Good thing I don’t have friends!
17 Apr 2018 20:49 - +39
My Father-in-law refuses to go to funerals anymore. His rationale is "Why would they care?"
17 Apr 2018 20:52 - +36
Try a scented candle or some good tunes while you shower.
17 Apr 2018 20:04 - +25
Well now I'm just depressed.
17 Apr 2018 20:58 - +24
The one who doesn't go to any of the funerals is an asshole, i mean one of us is going to all of them, the least you can do is go to your own for christ sake steve.
17 Apr 2018 19:27 - +24
One might be considered attending one’s own funeral as a central figure of the party. So not agreeing with you here..
17 Apr 2018 21:03 - +17
I watched this happen with my grandfather. He watched all his friends, and almost all his siblings die. At one point he was averaging something like four funerals a year. The worst part is, eventually you have no one to go out and do things with, so you become more sedentary, only contributing to your own death. I've thought about if that will happen with me and my friends. The curse of coming from a family with very long lifespans I suppose.
17 Apr 2018 20:30 - +15
Also one of them will have no friends at their funeral
17 Apr 2018 19:48 - +15
Not if they all die at the same time.
17 Apr 2018 20:57 - +13
Unfortunately I have already started to experience this and the sad thing is that I'm one of if not the oldest in our friends circle. It's very hard to see a dear friend lying in a coffin, especially when they're only 24 or 25. Takes a lot of time to get over that and time is something I'm short on so yeah.
17 Apr 2018 18:23 - +12
17 Apr 2018 20:43 - +11
Tbh, in most group of friends, the group will eventually drift apart to the extent that one is not aware of the death/funeral of another.
17 Apr 2018 21:20 - +10
Two of my friend died in a car accident a year after high school graduation. I was not able to attend the funeral but my parents did. Its been about 13 years now and I still think of them and what they would be doing with their lifes. For whatever reason this hit me hard this morning.
17 Apr 2018 21:24 - +9
Or when the keystone friend dies, the whole group just falls apart and no one sees eachother again.
17 Apr 2018 21:00 - +7
Your showers are depressing.
17 Apr 2018 20:35 - +6
Joke's on you, I don't have any friends so I won't go to any funerals ^^:(

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