Man gave a $2000 tip at a chicago restaurant

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17 Apr 2018 19:10 - +4555
Wtf are you eating for $769 alone?!
17 Apr 2018 20:29 - +1578
Wish I had enough money to surprise every restaurant's staff after a particularly great service. Edit: yeah, I did a typo. Yeah, I was on mobile, and I was eating in a restaurant, the waitress came and I forgot to check the spelling after talking to her. Yes, I left a generous tip because of this post.
17 Apr 2018 21:06 - +1545
Imagine if that day was your one off-day.
17 Apr 2018 20:56 - +809
$769 meal bitch I can't even afford $7.69 meals these days
17 Apr 2018 21:09 - +624
I recently just tipped a group of 5 movers $30 bucks a piece. It's not much for the hard work they did, but I still felt really awkward handing out the tips like I'm saying "line up peasants!" So I just tried to do it quickly and as subtle as possible. I would feel so weird walking around the kitchen handing out hundred dollar bills.
17 Apr 2018 20:12 - +340
Fuck, if I was a billionaire I'd be doing that shit at denny's every week. 700 dollar meal, that kitchen staff is already getting paid.
17 Apr 2018 21:00 - +198
Then the patrons all clapped as he handed the crisp $100% bills out.
17 Apr 2018 20:57 - +176
The skeptic in me asks: is this one of those viral social media marketing campaigns? The amounts involved seem absurd - too good to be true. With all the BokaRestaurant tagging etc. #Boka and #BokaIsTheBest #[email protected] #ComeDineWithMeLetsDineLetsDineTonight I know you guys love a story but please make it resemble reality at the very least.
17 Apr 2018 20:57 - +141
Sounds like Mr. Beast...
17 Apr 2018 21:28 - +49
Must be Michael Richards
17 Apr 2018 22:06 - +39
I’ve experienced something similar just the once in 10 years. A diplomat and his two body guards came in for lunch, bill came to about £70 but the guy tipped EVERY member of staff that interacted with him, then called myself and the two other chefs out to tip us too. Bill total: £70 Tip total: £300+ It still amazes me the generosity of some people, that could have been 5 mins work for him, I don’t know, but it meant a lot to us :)
17 Apr 2018 22:39 - +13
Or... how I turned $3069 in to a viral advertisement for my restaurant.
17 Apr 2018 22:05 - +10
A) who the fuck carries $2k in cash B) why does this shit never happen to me?!
17 Apr 2018 20:52 - +10
MIKE you absolute bro!!! You'll never read this but you are an awesome human being and I hope some good ass karma comes your way for making all these people's days
17 Apr 2018 21:31 - +9
Boka is the best dining experience I've ever had as well. But you pay for it. It's not the type of place you eat at on a whim. Highly recommended for Anniversaries, big celebrations, etc. EDIT: I live in CO now and it's easy to spend just as much (or more) at some of the more upper crust restaurants in certain resort towns on the western slope. The food and service will not even come close to Boka.
17 Apr 2018 21:14 - +8
mr beast? is that you?
17 Apr 2018 21:02 - +8
A crisp hundred dollar bill you say.... Einsteins 2nd coming? 🤔
17 Apr 2018 21:42 - +7
This could be a smart ass marketing campain, bc everybody in that area thinks “if such rich dude likes this place that much it must be good“
17 Apr 2018 21:47 - +7
The gentleman's name? Albert Einstein.
17 Apr 2018 21:31 - +7
The guy who switched shifts that day Is pissed
17 Apr 2018 21:15 - +7
Was his name Michael Richards?
17 Apr 2018 20:59 - +7
Sounds like something [MrBeast]( would do. Besides, his name is Mike too.
17 Apr 2018 21:38 - +6
Well, I mean, he's from Seattle. Of course he doesn't get good service up there. The Northwest are super reclusive and barely talk to people they don't know.
17 Apr 2018 22:23 - +5
Money can buy happiness
17 Apr 2018 21:49 - +4
wish i had money to piss away like that
17 Apr 2018 22:11 - +4
Gods plan?
17 Apr 2018 20:57 - +3
He may have stacked up a nice drink order on that bill.

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