TIL: The rivalry between Adidas and Puma became so fierce that the German town of Herzogenaurach (where both companies had their HQs) became known as "the town of bent necks", as no local would start a conversation with another without first looking down to check which firm's shoes they were wearing

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17 Apr 2018 19:26 - +9567
'Rudolf (Puma) was a member of the Nazi party and was held in a prison camp for a year after the war. Adi was in no way involved with the Nazi party. Furthermore Rudolf made advances on Adi's wife and this caused a huge rift between the two brothers'. Sounds like the rift was more personal than business.
17 Apr 2018 21:02 - +3561
We traveled to Germany with my wife's family to see where her great-grandfather had lived and meet some of our relatives. One of the girls we met was currently interning at Adidas and was hoping to be hired full-time later that spring. Her brother joked, "You could always take a job with Puma!" She looked horrified and proclaimed, "I WOULD NEVER!" She seriously looked like he had casually suggested she join ISIS.
17 Apr 2018 19:02 - +3386
The war escalated over the years, reaching a fever pitch when Adidas got the bomb. Hostilities ceased and both sides went back to their respective corners, a nuclear deterrent sometimes ironically serving as the most effective peacemaker. The fear still remains though, like the sword of Damocles perilously hanging over all their heads. For even if Adidas uses the bomb, surely they too will fall by its destruction, bringing a thousand years of darkness, and in wiping both friend and foe off the face of the Earth, striking...a New Balance.
17 Apr 2018 20:53 - +1356
As someone living near Herzogenaurach: the rivalry is legendary, but I highly doubt the fact from this TIL. From the article: > Herzogenaurach has been described as "the town of bent necks," The phrasing is "has been described", but not "became known". So, I'm sorry, but I call bullshit on this TIL.
17 Apr 2018 19:10 - +623
From Wikipedia: *Rudolf, upon his capture by American troops, was suspected of being a member of the SS, information supposedly supplied by Adolf.* Imagine hating your brother so much that you lie to an invading army to convince them he's a member of an hated paramilitary group.
17 Apr 2018 18:49 - +492
*Then Mr Trulsson remembers something else. "Wait until you see the graves," he says. "Man, those brothers must have really hated each other." On the edge of town, in Herzogenaurach's small sunny cemetery, the graves of Adolf and Rudolf Dassler could not be further apart from one another. Even in death, it seems, they couldn't bear to be together.*
17 Apr 2018 19:52 - +233
Herzogenaurach is the best new place-name that I’ll hear of today.
17 Apr 2018 21:14 - +132
"I'll be damned if that ripple-nipple bitch's race is superior! The cone-nipple people will rule this world!" "You shut your mouth, you dirty knife-nipple bastards!" "What'd you say to me, you target-chest piece of shit?"
17 Apr 2018 20:31 - +119
I lived down the road from the headquarters of both in Erlangen where they have outlet stores. Meh, mediocre deals. Also, that rivalry is no longer existent from what I saw.
17 Apr 2018 21:52 - +67
Wear Puma on one leg, and Adidas on the other leg...checkmate.
17 Apr 2018 18:14 - +63
Nike's were the mediator in these dark times
17 Apr 2018 21:23 - +59
Adidas is clearly the superior product. That is all.
17 Apr 2018 21:44 - +42
So I take it nobody wears Nike, New Balance or Under Armour in Herzogenaurach?
17 Apr 2018 21:06 - +32
I've never owned footwear from either company in my life. In a bit of serendipitous irony I bought a pair of Puma shoes and Adidas socks to wear with them over the weekend. Now I don't know what to do.
17 Apr 2018 21:16 - +26
Business wars podcast about this: http://pca.st/WWfR
17 Apr 2018 21:50 - +21
This is by far the strangest species I have ever been a part of.
17 Apr 2018 22:12 - +19
Our company is in the same building as a subsidiary of Adidas and I can´t tell you how tempted I have been before to set up some Wifi with SSIDs like "Come to the dark side, we have Puma shoes" or "Puma4life" "Just do it" or "Adidas goes Puma" or something similar.
17 Apr 2018 21:35 - +14
It makes me think of that dr Seuss story about two towns at war over how they buttered their bread.
17 Apr 2018 21:26 - +14
While we're at this topic, check out this video: [[2min] Rivalry between Adidas & Puma](https://youtu.be/Nl0iGMkxwcc)
17 Apr 2018 21:19 - +10
Joke's on them, I'm wearing Converse.
17 Apr 2018 22:01 - +8
Me and my Sketchers might have issues
17 Apr 2018 21:56 - +8
17 Apr 2018 22:32 - +5
In an alternate reality this led to the creation of “Adima Shoes” a hybrid footwear design firm focused on creating conflict free walking experiences.

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