F1 pit stops are so fast these days.

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17 Apr 2018 19:07 - +7095
I thought this was perfectly looped until I realized they did it twice and the gif restarted.
17 Apr 2018 20:09 - +3909
My neighbor is a huge F1 fan, and when he told me three seconds was a super long pit stop, I couldn't believe him. He spent the next half hour showing me pit stop videos. It blew my mind honestly.
17 Apr 2018 19:48 - +3685
Until you leave your leg infront of the tire
17 Apr 2018 19:34 - +1573
This is Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo coming in to the pits in the Chinese GP last Sunday. Red Bull double stacked the pit stop twice - the video is from the first stop. Later in the race the Safety Car was deployed and Red Bull called both cars in again to switch on to new soft compound tires, whereas the front-runners stayed out on old medium compound tires. The change allowed the Red Bull cars to charge through the field with Ricciardo eventually winning the race. e. fixed up facts
17 Apr 2018 19:57 - +761
I love how they completely trust that they’ve got the job done properly that it won’t cause an accident at hundreds of miles per hour. If you took your car to the garage and they said it was done before your ass hit the seat let alone had time to have some coffee and read the free magazines you’d tell them to go back and do it again and double check this time.
17 Apr 2018 20:05 - +397
This was insane to watch live but then they went and did it *again* (under safety car). It was a fantastic move that caught everyone off-guard and probably cost Ferrari and Mercedes the race.
17 Apr 2018 19:24 - +279
The cars are pretty fast too
17 Apr 2018 19:57 - +213
F1 is having an exciting beginning this year. Fun to watch even if that move was just lucky timing and an alert data geek. Good to see Bottas and Kimi up there instead of Lewis and Seb. Nothing against them, just nice to see a switch up.
17 Apr 2018 20:07 - +130
A lot of things happened right here. Both drivers came in with a perfect delta i.e the second driver wasn't waiting stationary behind the first car. The pit crew had both sets of 4 tires ready, and performed both pitstops without any hiccups, and even more impressively they did all of this on short notice as the safety car had just been deployed and both of the cars were close to passing the pit lane entry. Edit: Oops the gif is actually the first pit, but they did do this again during the safety car.
17 Apr 2018 20:03 - +113
Imagine being the guy who didnt quite screw the bolt in properly. I could easily picture that being a David Mitchell sketch or something.
17 Apr 2018 19:37 - +55
F1 is all about speed
17 Apr 2018 20:17 - +39
I like to imagine the second car in this gif got the first car's used tires lol
17 Apr 2018 20:10 - +39
The power of ***ONE NUT!***
17 Apr 2018 19:57 - +38
just curious what is the training and pay that goes into this?
17 Apr 2018 20:23 - +35
How do they get the tires bolted on so quickly? Is it just a single nut in the middle?
17 Apr 2018 20:07 - +33
How exactly is the gas refilled so quickly? I've always been curious.
17 Apr 2018 20:32 - +32
The Martini team has a bit more swagger https://youtu.be/1sXq5bIhW70
17 Apr 2018 21:31 - +29
As an F1 man, I would like to say to non-F1 people on r/all that if you can, get a hold of the Chinese GP that was raced last Sunday. Best race of the season by far and probably the best since Singapore last year.
17 Apr 2018 20:50 - +20
I see this and I wonder why I have to wait 20 minutes between sets at a concert.
17 Apr 2018 20:01 - +17
Reminds me of ..... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RRy_73ivcms
17 Apr 2018 21:36 - +16
[Here is a sub 2 second stop!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VCYBtx6h4g)
17 Apr 2018 21:10 - +16
[fastest f1 pit stop ever](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VCYBtx6h4g) 1.9 seconds by Williams f1 team edit: Also, come over to r/formula1 if you're interested in more! The 2018 season just started and it's looking to be an exciting year!
17 Apr 2018 20:18 - +13
Geeze. Do they just change one car after another all day like that?
17 Apr 2018 20:59 - +11
One would say its at a break leg pace.
17 Apr 2018 20:33 - +9
Guido's training is finally paying off.
17 Apr 2018 20:26 - +9
[Channel 4 \(UK\) did a pretty good show that revolved around F1 pit stops featuring Guy Martin. Not sure how I'd describe the show... like a reality TV documentary thing :S](http://www.channel4.com/programmes/speed-with-guy-martin-f1-challenge) But it's really interesting seeing how the wheel changes are broken down, that they have secret training stuff, and stricter physical standards than the police.
17 Apr 2018 20:32 - +8
2 cars, 8 tyres, completed in 10 seconds

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